August 27, 2022 Update

Eucharistic Amazement this Friday August 19th!

The Archdiocese along with other dioceses in the United States are beginning a Eucharistic Amazement initiative! A Eucharistic Procession will be included with this initiative in our area on Aug. 19th around 5:30-7:30pm from Holy Trinity in Paola to the Town Square in Poala. Archbishop and Priests from the Region will be at the event. Knights and Youth will be involved. Those unable to process can set up at the Square where the Eucharist will arrive.  All are invited and welcome to take part in this amazing event with the Holy Eucharist!

Feast of the Assumption of Mary!
Monday August 15th

(Not a holy day of obligation this year since it falls on a Monday)
There will be a Mass available though Monday 6pm at Sacred Heart in Mound City